Exclusion Mode

Exclusion Procedures for Common Z-Wave Devices

If you’re switching hub platforms or installing a Z-Wave device that was previously paired with another smart home hub, you’ll need to go through the exclusion procedure for each Z-Wave device before pairing it with your new hub. Z-Wave devices remember which hub they are paired with and exclusion tells them to forget that and be […]

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David Wolters founder and president of Tech to My Door

Launch of Tech to My Door

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMART HOMES MAKE SMART BUSINESS A West Michigan startup brings smart home tech to homeowners [SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN, October 9, 2019]  Walk the aisles of nearly any store lately and you see the wave of Smart Home devices flooding the market. Consumers love gadgets, especially those that make their lives more convenient […]

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Amazon Echo Lineup

Complete List of Alexa Commands

It can be overwhelming to bring Amazon’s Alexa voice control into your home. What do you say to her? The list of commands is extensive and expanding rapidly. We’ll try to keep this list updated as commands are added. Here is the (almost) complete list of Amazon Alexa commands. Recently, Amazon added a feature called […]

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